We design spaces from construction through to the very last aesthetic detail.


Most people think of an interior designer as merely a stylist for your home. But for those that value the artistry of truly thoughtful design we come in much earlier in the process to ensure that the entire space provides one cohesive experience. From spatial planning through colors, light, textures, and furniture, each specific piece is thoughtfully chosen based on the client’s lifestyle to make a truly beautiful place to live.

We are most effective when we guide the project from beginning to end.


Visioning Appointment - $450

Before anything, we need to view the space, interview you for your needs and collectively vision the project. In this session we will discuss the big picture and what the team and process should look like. At the end you will know the best way to move forward and how we can manage the entire project from beginning to end.

*If you move forward to the design phase your $450 will apply to the design phase.


Phase 2: Design

For a flat fee we develop the entire design plan of your space, from structural changes (as necessary) to light fixtures and specific furniture, down to the linens if needed.

Small Project (Ex. Two rooms; Living, bedroom...): $6,950
Medium Project (Ex. Three rooms; Living, dining, bedroom, bathroom...): $11,950
Large Project (Ex. Apartment/Small House): $21,950

Larger Scale Project: TBD



Phase 3: Implementation & Project Management

From working with contractors, builders, electricians, and painters, down to ordering the furniture and managing the deliveries, we manage the project to completion until the vision is accomplished.

*Priced per project